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 Alliance Nostra Group LLC, is focused on opening global offices for investment in emerging markets especially in subsaharan Africa. It aims to do this by looking closely at sectors of the economy that is lagging behind in the direction of meeting global goals that will be most favorable to their citizens. Such goals include, ending hunger, reducing extreme poverty, clean water and sanitation, renewable energy, meaningful partnership, affordable and quality healthcare, education for all, equal opportunity for all sexes

To create the above impact in these emerging but large markets, the company is going into full value chain agribusiness on a large scale. This will cut across staple crops like Rice and other cereals, , Cocoa, oil palm; and Livestock farms like cattle and diary business, poultry and allied food industry. Infrastructure deficit is the bane of thriving and sustainable ventures in these markets. Alliance Nostra Group LLC is also going into investment in infrastructure and supporting structures to sustain any investment we get into in these markets.


  • Forming alliances that works 
  • Integrity 
  • Client value
  • Innovation

In the States, Alliance Nostra Group LLC is into containerised cargo logistics and other forms of logistics services

We are also involved in recreation, training, research and human capital development. The R&D department is more involved in cutting edge technology to provide high yield seeds and varieties as well as diseases resistant breed of farm animals for any country that we invest in.

Our Team

Chris J..Uko


He is the founder of Alliance Nostra Group LLC. He has been doing the business of haulage in Petroleum products for years before venturing into agriculture. He is a UNFPA trained Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) counsellor and between 1999-2005 was made coordinator of UNESCO Bio-diversity program for a UNESCO ASPNET member schools in Africa. He holds graduate and post graduate degrees (since 1997) in philosophy, law and diplomacy. He speaks French and English languages. Chris is married with children. His interests include international economics, international trade, international monetary policy, Bio-diversity, mechanized Agriculture, environmental philosophy and Human rights advocacy. He brings his experiences in project consultancy and program coordination to Alliance Nostra Group LLC as Group CEO.


healthcare professional.

Udoffia is an American trained Chemist and healthcare professional. He is committed to human development. He has worked in reputable companies like Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) and Siemens, while in GSK, he participated in the validation of new test methods and new products; wrote technical reports, SOPs, and presented technical data to the project team. While in GSK, he also assumed responsibility for timely completion of projects, ensuring activities are consistent with project critical path and responding appropriately to changing priorities. His Contributions to the transfer of new products into manufacturing and assistance in preparing manufacturing documents, quality control procedures and procedure change orders won't be forgotten in a hurry by the firm. He also assured compliance with GMP, QSRs, ISO and IVD regulations in the performance of department responsibilities. At Siemens, he was responsible for reagent manufacturing support, design transfer of reagents and calibrators for diagnostic assays, product Ipport activities to maintaining supply chain for chemistry assays. His responsibilities in Siemens Inc Delaware also included supporting OEM business partners and suppliers and assisting in routine technical support for ADVIA Chemistry assays. The position requires analyzing data, writing technical reports, conducting meetings and leading experimental design for trouble shooting diagnostic assay reagents and calibrators; prepare drug conjugates and screen antibodies for the development of immunoassays. Execute experiments on the Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers in order to characterize the raw materials (conjugates and antibodies) to optimize immunoassays; analyze and interpret data, evaluate results, form conclusions, and determine future experiments in day-to-day product development activities. His job also covered the accurate and consistent recording of experimental methods, materials and results. Mr. Udoffia is a result driven and compassionate healthcare professional with 30 years hands-on experience in fast-paced residential and hospital environments. He is accountable and responsible with a strong focus on patient wellness. He is unassuming, amiable, assertive and straightforward. He is happily married with children. He resides in the United States. He has brought his wealth of international experience to bear as Director of Research, Training and Data. His experience will be very valuable as he sits on the board of Alliance Nostra Group LLC.

Alan Spencer Furey

project manger

Alan Furey, an Australian is a seasoned project manger. He has been managing big projects in South Africa, the DRC and Kenya. He has about 40 solid years below his belt. He was once a delagate to CHOGM. He is the project manager of Alliance Nostra Group LLC. He is married with Children.

Nsikak Obot

Nsikak is well versed in international relations, international economics and the ministry of the gospel. He lives in New York and is Highly skilled and experienced in computer information technology. Over 2 years varied project work in diverse private and public organization majorly on Information Communication Technology. He teaches catechism the parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, He is a volunteer in the prison , Hospital and Homeless ministries. He in into agencies and delivery services. He studied in Cyprus and the United States of America.

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