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  • Innovative and integrated agribusiness to establish smart farms and agric cities in emerging markets.

Africa is said to be home to about 63% of  the world’s arable land. It’s a continent that can feed itself and even help other parts of the world where land for agriculture is scarce. Our first port of call is  Nigeria.

Nigeria  is blessed with arable land for the cultivation of all types of crops that can create food security, reduce poverty and end hunger in Nigeria. There has not been any concerted effort by Nigerians, especially the delta area to take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest for the betterment of the populace. This can be blamed partly on the over dependence on oil by Nigeria. It is a truism that oil, especially that coming from fossil fuel, cannot be sustainable and renewable. This is why Nigeria imports a lot of things including the petroleum products itself. Most worrisome is the level of food importation from even countries that do not have the kind of agro resources that Nigeria has. Its  Agriculture is highly under developed. Yet it  has a large population that constitutes a large market for any form of agricultural produce and finished products.

Annually, Nigerians consume around 5.5 million tons of rice, of which 3.6 million tons are locally produced – mostly by manual farming and lacking in quality standards. Nigeria used to spend roughly USD $1.825 billion per year to import the remaining 2.3 million tons, because local production is unable to satisfy the huge demand for rice in Nigeria. This supply gap which is met through rice imports represents over 25 percent of all agricultural imports and about 50 percent of domestic consumption.

In order to reduce the dependence on imported rice and to develop the local rice production above mere semi-subsistence manual farming, the Nigerian government launched the Presidential Initiative on Accelerated Rice Production. In line with this initiative, importation of milled rice was banned and a 50 percent duty on parboiled rice was introduced. Government went further to impose a levy of ten percent on rice import. This levy was initiated with the objective of creating a dedicated fund for the development of the local rice industry. This will encourage private sector development in rice production and thus launch the country into comprehensive large scale Twenty-First century integrated/mechanized rice farming including processing and marketing.

Alliance Nostra Group LLC aims to take advantage of government policy framework of market liberalization and promotion of private sector participation in rice production to establish a Rice City in Ikpe clan of Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

The planned Alliance Nostra Group LLC  RICE CITY will house the following:

  • Twenty-First Century integrated rice-fish-shrimp-crab culture farm of 7.5 tons of rice per hectare, and  2100~3000kg , 900~1200kg, and1900~2700kg of shrimps, crabs and fish per hectare respectively.
  • Biomass powered DCT complete rice milling machine of 300 tons per day (built in phases of 100 TPD)
  • Rice warehouses for freshly harvested rice paddy and milled rice,
  • Pivot irrigation system with dams,
  • 10 MW Rice Husk (Biomass) power station
  • Co- Education Boarding Secondary School
  • Nursery /Primary staff school
  • Integrated specialty Medical and Diagnostic Center
  • Multi density Staff residences,
  • Shopping mall
  • Multi density club resort
  • Access Road and intercity Road network with drainages
  • Industrial borehole, water treatment and piping
  • Office complex.
  • Training, Research & Development Centre

The need to establish a new private Rice City replete with  Twenty-First Century integrated rice-fish-shrimp-crab culture farm; biomass DCT complete rice milling machine; irrigation system with dams, Rice Husk (Biomass) power station, Schools, Medical Center; Multi density residences, shopping mall, Restaurant and bar, staff club resort, Industrial borehole, water treatment and piping, Training, Research & Development Center with Road network to and fro and within the city for the purposes of cultivation, processing, storing, transporting and marketing, of Quality standard rice and research combined with a great aquaculture fertilization model by Alliance Nostra Group LLC arises from the fact that there is an urgent need to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture in Nigeria in particular and Sub Sahara Africa as a whole.

We are also motivated by the need to make impact in the health, education, equitable Job creation in a decent  work environment, clean water provision, and power (renewal energy) sector by ensuring healthy lives and promoting well being for all ages; ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting long life learning for all, ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, renewable and modern energy for our host communities and the national grid, Promoting inclusive and Sustainable industrialization, building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation by our first in sub Saharan Africa of Fish-Shrimp-Crab-paddy (Rice) culture and provide equal job opportunities.

We hope to establish smart farms in designated areas in western  Nigeria like Lagos and it’s environs.

Our Smart farms and agric cities shall produce not just quality milled rice . It shall produce other rice based food like , Rice flour, rice cereal meal, Rice noodles, rice bran oil, shrimps, crabs and fish.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an alternative to fossil fuels and other non renewable sources of energy which has been proven to be more eco friendly. Alliance Nostra Group LLC is committed to using renewable sources of energy wherever it will operate especially in the developing countries where the infrastructure of power generation and distribution is deficit and at times absent. We shall employ sources of energy ranging from Biomass, Solar, Wind and Hydro power.

Education and Medicare

There will be a in the rice city, co-educational boarding school with state of the art facility that will ease learning and studies. To satisfy our employees’ need for a good education for their wards that may not be of secondary school age yet. A primary school is integrated into the rice city as well.

We are also building an affordable super specialty medical and diagnostic center (without compromising standards) with emphasis on maternal-Fetal Medicine, infectious disease/HIV AIDS counseling, control, treatment and research; and Eye care. We shall deploy hi-tech medical equipment in our multi-specialty and integrated health facility. We shall integrate into it, a Mobile medical diagnostic screening and primary health services unit to enable us take quality and affordable healthcare to the needy in the hinterland.

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